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Multidirectional scaffolding
for complex assemblies
European Scaffolding R-75
suitable for any type of facade
Traditional scaffolding
allow quick assembly
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Scaffolding MULTI
It is the ideal solution for the most complex assembly needs. Its superior load capacity allows for the most diverse applications.
European Scaffolding R-75
Modular scaffolding used to work on any type of facade. Due to its unique composition, it is quick to assemble, safe and very effective, allowing a great reduction in the costs associated with labor in assembly and disassembly.
traditional scaffolding
Light and economical, based on the quick assembly of legs, crosspieces, sleepers and planks, with a tilting closure system.

Founded 1990

With the experience acquired along 30 years of existence, Fecocivil, SA has evolved in a progressive way, always betting on quality and trying to innovate and automate its production lines, thus seeking to respond to a market increasingly demanding and competitive.

We still emphasize the bet of the company in its internationalization and example of this, is the fact of having an official representation in Angola and other markets that are at the moment being worked, to take Fecocivil, SA to the four corners of the world.

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