Technical details

The technical characteristics of the system allow to solve the problem of assembly in buildings in complex ways. The versatility allowed by its components makes it possible to solve the most difficult situations and has made it the ideal system for the rehabilitation of facades and industrial maintenance work.

The MULTI scaffolding model represents the maximum and technical exponent in scaffolding manufacturing, its system is based on the shape of a rosette consisting of a flat disk of eight positions welded to a vertical plumb with distances of 0.5m. The horizontal and diagonal bars are connected to the disk to form the metal structure. The connection is made through a steel terminal, with a wedge fixing.


MULTI scaffolding for its multidirectional characteristics is the ideal solution for the most complex assembly needs. Its superior load-bearing capacity allows for the most diverse applications, such as: facade scaffolding, shoring structures, mobile towers, access ladders, event structures and multiple industrial solutions.


The MULTI system, developed by Fecocivil is certified according to the European standard EN 12810-1:2003 and EN 12810-2:2003.

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