Technical details

This scaffolding system consists of vertical elements that are connected through platforms, horizontal and diagonal bars to ensure greater stability of the structure. Its platforms and skirting boards guarantee a safe and resistant work area. Access to each level of work is done by an interior staircase through the opening of the trapdoor to the access platform.

The EUROPEU R-75 modular system represents, by its uniqueness, the ideal solution for rehabilitation works, application of coatings, maintenance on any type of facade.


Modular scaffolding used to work on any type of façade. Due to its unique composition it is quick to assemble, safe and very effective, allowing a great reduction of costs associated with labor in assembly and disassembly.


The EUROPEAN R-75 system developed by Fecocivil is certified according to the European standard EN 12810-1: 2003 and EN 12810-2: 200.

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